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Has anyone here had appendicitis?

  1. Aug 21, 2003 #1
    Hey all, this is a rather random question, but I have my reasons:

    Has anyone here had appendicitis? What were your symptoms? I googled it but the symptoms were so general that I would like to know what it felt like from someone who had it. Or, if there are doctors here which is entirely possible, any input would be appreciated.

    My reasons?

    I am leaving for the United States in 5 days (currently I am in Korea) and would like to know that if I merely SUSPECT myself of having it, do you think 5 days is too much to wait to return to the states and get diagnosed there? The reasons I don't want to do it here is that there is a language barrier that would prevent me from fully being able to converse with the doctor about my symptoms and any questions he may have, and if I do indeed not have it, or can wait 5 days, (or at least 2 days, in which case I can go to a hospital with my cousin and we can get the message across with my broken Korean and his broken English) I would rather not alarm my relatives for no good reason at all. I'm writing this to the forum because I'd like some informed information from intelligent people.

    Thanks very much.
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    I had apendicitis but when i was only a few months old so i cant remember what it felt like. Dont worry though, i have been told that if you do have it, it is extremely painful and you will know about it.
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    Pain in the lower right hand side of your abdomen, perhaps slightly near (just inside) the hip bone.

    More pain if "pressed" thereabouts. (CAREFUL!!)

    Simple notation, appendicitis is a 'growing' of bacteria in your appendix, bacteria that secrete poisons, the appendix itself becomes inflamed, or swollen, (edema) due to the buildup of toxins, and if it ruptures, it releases those toxins into your peritineal sac (sort of a membrane bag holding your intestines) which can be quite deadly and should NOT be left for any amount of time, because of the possiblity of septic shock, which will occur if it ruptures unattended to.

    Rupture is usually indicated by a feeling of the "release of pressure" in the area indicated, and fever is highly likely to occur.

    If that occurs, rupture, (or the suspicion thereof) get medical attention immediately!
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    Pain in the low abdomen on the right side, just to the right of, and slightly above, the bladder, although some cases have presented with diffuse abdominal pain with no real localized tenderness. Also include nausea, possible vomiting, and fever. A blood test should show a high white blood cell count. If it ruptures, you will become very ill very quickly.

    Also, if symptoms should occur and you happen to be near a medical facility with a spiral CT scanner, you can be diagnosed and treated (usually surgically) very quickly. Are you having any pain in the area mentioned right now? Sometimes appy's can cause intermittant pain over several weeks.

    Here in the states, most ER's have translation services that they can call (one is called Andalex) and patients and healthcare professionals communicate through a translator on the phone. Hopefully they have such services in Korea. Your cousin may be able to help you find out.

    If you experience any of the above symptoms, please, please, please, DON'T WAIT to seek medical attention. As RP said, if it ruptures, it will cause sepsis and you could die.
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    Well I started feeling a sharp pain about 3 days ago but only when I was walking at a fast pace. It would go away once I stopped. I have no nausea or vomiting and except for not walking too quickly I am functioning in a perfectly normal fashion...The pain returned the next day but since then I haven't felt it...

    Am I wrong to assume that because I'm perfectly functional that I'm ok?
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    Sounds like it may be either a muscle strain or some sort of hernia...appendicitis pain should be associated with a mild to severe fever, and the pain won't stop when you quit moving.
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    Probably not wrong to assume that. I tend to agree with Zero. Probably just a strain. However, if you do experience any of the other sysmptoms, please do not delay in seeking medical attention. You didn't indicate exactly where your pain is located. If the pain is down very low in the abdomen, it could be a hernia. Or it could be nothing more than walking too fast soon after eating (I used to get side aches after walking fast all of the time when I was young - usually it happened soon after I ate, but not always - they disappeared with age). If it continues to bother you, mentioning it to your doctor when you get home wouldn't hurt.
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    There is also the possibility that you have a very slight case of appendicitis, in which case that should show up as an effect in your stool at some near point as the little bit of poison/toxin exits throught your intestines.

    Thankfully from what you are saying is the pain it sounds like it is a strain, or some other malady other the appendicitis.

    BUT! to the best of my knowledge, none of us here, are Doctors, so consulting a proper Physician/Doctor is the very best/safest route.

    Hope that helps you.................!
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