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Has anyone read Alex Detail's Revolution?

  1. May 20, 2012 #1
    It's not a popular series, but there's a lot of sci-fi talk in there that's really interesting (mostly related to space/planets/stars). Lol just wondering if anyone has read it
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    I read both Alex Detail's Revolution and the one that came after it, Alex Detail's Rebellion. The first book combines a lot of physics and mythology, which I like (except for some sketchy genetics). The second book is more action/adventure and has an Ancient Aliens theme to it. I tend to like the sort of physics you get from a Dan Simmons or Peter Hamilton. The Alex Detail books aren't so far in the future--feels like heavy Star Trek influence, but other than a trick of being able to control quantum states, the Alex Detail world doesn't make the science as advanced as most books on that timescale.
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