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Has anyone read the Final Theory:Rethinking our Scientific Legacy.

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    Ive dowloaded the first chapter they have available in .pdf and thought it was a great read. Wondering if any of you have read this and would like your input on what this guy has to say. What he proposes in the first chapter vastly impacts our views of physics and how the universe works.

    Ive ordered the book through amazon, awaiting for its arival so i can read into more depth on what hes talking about.

    Thoughts on this guy, his book and his findings?

    Link to website.
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    I've seen the link posted here before. And the general consensus among the scientific people here is that the guy is a crackpot.
    I don't see any math to support his claims either.
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    When I was a youth I lived next to a pasture. A lone jersey cow resided there. I found many pies between hoof prints, but very few not between them. I was usually barefoot in those days so I noticed things like that.
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    Well, that book came on Friday. I was excited to read it and to see what the author proposes, particularly with the way gravity works and his views. I was sorely disappointed.

    He says gravity doesnt exist as we know it. Gravity is more of a result rather then anything. Basically he states that inside the atom hides the fourth dimension which causes everything to expand. Stating that all matter is in constant expansion, Everyone, thing, atoms, mater is doubling its size approx every 19 minutes. We cant see it or measure it cause we are expanding and so are all our tools etc..

    Since there is no gravity everything is really just floating around in space. But because the earth is constantly expanding we are basically on an elevator which constantly increases in speed giving us a sort of gravity. So if you fall or jump out of a tall building, you are actualy floating in space, its just that the ground comes up and smacks you so hard (cause its expanding) you go splat. Odd idea... yeah.

    So far his ideas are odd to say the least. Had to put the book down after the first 200 or so pages. He goes about explaining orbits and everything at this point.

    His first chapter was very interesting. Unfortunately he didnt go into any of his ideas otherwise I wouldnt have bought it lol. Anyway, it has been an entertaining read I guess. Very different way of looking at our physics situation. I would suggest reading it if you had time to kill and wanted to perhaps think on an outlandish point of view. Which can be fun once in a while. Worth the 40$ on amazon.... no not really.
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    He cites the twin paradox as proof that relativity is wrong. Proof enough that he's wrong? :rofl:
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