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Has anyone used Trepanation

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    From Wikipedia

    Trepanation is supposed to raise your level of consciousness. Make you enlightened? Expand your mind? Has anyone here had this done? Or know anything about it? If it actually has that affect?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have seen a bit on this and yes, there is evidence to support some of the claims - though I'm not sure how much or how convincing it really may be. I have seen a PBS show that discussed one particular example. It seems that patients who are surgically trepanned as a result of brain surgery do report similar results...I think almost exclusively within the context of depression and a sense of well being. I didn't read your links yet, but if not there, case studies do exist. I would think they must be on the net somewhere. If nothing pops up here I will try to find something later.

    Edit: I just can't decide how best to cure my depression: Trenpanning, Prozac...Trepanning, Prozac...its is tough call! :rofl:

    I saw an interview with one person who trepanned himself using a hand drill and a 1/4" bit. :eek: Can you imagine!?

    Edit: I keep thinking that this might have been a she. I remember the statement that he or she was surprised by the amount of blood and how this became a bit of a problem. Blood was spewed all over the walls and ceiling.
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    I don't know much about trepanning, but I did find this:

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    I suppose I'd break down and do it (if the alternaive was forced membership in the Castrators of Russia secret society).
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    Ivan Seeking

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    No doubt. You are unique enough already! :rofl:
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    Here is the story of the woman who did it to herself:

    BBC News | HEALTH | Woman carries out DIY surgery

    Depression is highly responsive to the placebo effect. If this precedure has worked for anyone I would suspect the placebo effect first.
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    Notr sure about ure mind but I guess there is a possibility of expanding ure brain!

    I have a relative recently who under went brain surgery after a series of accidents, which for most purposes was trepanation, remarkable recovery even sharper than before, but I would not attach any significance to it.
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