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Has Goldbach's conjecture been solved?

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    This came up on my twitter feed. Can someone verify this? I am in a state of disbelief.

    India is always coming up with articles about people starting fires with their minds and stuff. Can this be just another one of those articles that are bs and are put up just for attention?
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    Right now that's the only link that comes up on Google. Guess we'll have to wait to see what the pros say. At the end of the article it says that "The work will be published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Kalita informed."

    So there's a claim but not yet a paper.

    He's not a mathematician ... he's a computer science specializing in graph theory. Graph theory seems a long way from modern number theory.


    He's got one number-theoretic paper here but this is not the list of publications you'd expect from someone who solved a hard problem in number theory.

    http://www.aec.ac.in/Uploads/File/faculty/mca/bichitra_kalita.pdf [Broken]

    Based on my experience with public proofs of theorems by people who are smart but not necessarily mathematical specialists, I'd say this may not hold up. Remember that guy who claimed to have solved P = NP last year?

    Well without a paper nobody can have an informed opinion! Anyone can claim anything.

    I just checked Terence Tao's blog. He doesn't have anything about it. I believe he recently proved something really deep that's related to Goldbach. If he says something about this I'll believe it.

    This blog is a great read, by the way. I don't always understand it but sometimes he's brilliantly clear about very complicated subjects. He wrote an article about nonstandard analysis that had me believing that I understood some of it.

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    I was stunned when I saw that headline. This would be some serious craziness if he managed to do it.
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    I think we'd see some real news networks pick it up, but I will also defer to the experts.
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