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Has there really been an increase in brain size

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    In the Earth's fossil record, some people say "yes" and some people say "no", not just in humans but mammals.
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    Anybody?, a yes or no will do.

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    It's not quite that simple, which is why there's some debate about it. First, when we only have fossil records, we can only assume the brain filled the cranial cavity to the same extent it fills the cranial cavity of currently existing species. However, there is more than one way to measure brain size. You can measure the dimensions (length, width, circumference around a certain level), volume, weight, cell number, or degree of folding. So, we're limited when we only have a skull to measure as to just what the brain contained within it looked like.

    Though, even among living mammals, there is still a huge variety of brain sizes, from tiny brains in mice and other small rodents, to larger brains in whales.
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    Thanks alot...again, Moonbear
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