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Hassani's Mathematical Physics

  1. Jul 3, 2009 #1
    I have just finished my junior year as a physics undergraduate and I am looking for a mathematical physics textbook that will help me to learn about some of the more advanced areas of the subject. I have already gone through "Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences" by Mary Boas. I am considering buying Hassani's book and I would just like to hear some opinions on it before I spend the money. Is this book a good choice for my next text to read on the subject? I was also considering Arfken but Hassani seems to cover all the same topics plus additional ones. Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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    George Jones

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    Overall, I kike Hassani much better than Arfken, but there are some things that Arfen does better, like special functions, e.g., the properties of the various types of Bessel functions.
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