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Hasta Luego

  1. Sep 2, 2003 #1
    Going to seek enlightenment, will be back once i have found it.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2003
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  3. Sep 2, 2003 #2
    Wait a minute, you're on the PFs, and your still seeking "enlightenment"? Pfffft!
  4. Sep 2, 2003 #3
    Re: Re: Hasta Luego

    Not me- I find true englightenment only in the stupid question/stupid answer posts..

    Cheesy poof anyone?

    PS see ya when you get back from mcdonalds Andy:wink:
  5. Sep 2, 2003 #4

    Ivan Seeking

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    Adios for now Andy.
  6. Sep 3, 2003 #5
  7. Sep 3, 2003 #6


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    Who the f*** is this guy Sonty?
    What has he got to do with physics?
  8. Sep 3, 2003 #7


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    Let me tell you:nada,zip,rien,nothing at all.
  9. Sep 3, 2003 #8
    Try his website. there's an explanatory link there: who the f*** is Sonty?
  10. Sep 3, 2003 #9
    Bye Andy, Good luck with the
    Mercedes School!

  11. Sep 17, 2003 #10
    Hey i am back, didnt find enlightenment but i came close, although that was at the bottom of a very large cocktail glass in which something called a tiki puka puka used to be, maybe i should look a little bit further than Menorca next time.
  12. Sep 17, 2003 #11
    I almost tika puka puked before. It was at the bottom of a very large glass of tequila. :wink: I thought I'd found the meaning of life, but it was just a worm. I was disappointed.
  13. Sep 19, 2003 #12
    Zantra, please tell me you didn't eat the meaning of life!
  14. Sep 19, 2003 #13
    Sadly I am the guy who ate the meaning of life, just that I only got half of it, and it was at the bottom of a huge Bottle of "tekillya", Ooooops, Mesquale (sp?) actually, brought from Me'hico by some Amiga's, ooooooooooh whata ride..........OYE!
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