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Hate Biology

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    I've always hated biology, do you have some tools to make me like them ?


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    So you hate life itself then
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    Why exactly do you "hate" biology? In my experience the biggest determining factor regarding whether or not one likes a subject is the quality of the teacher. A subject that you find fascinating can be ruined by a bad teacher, conversely a subject that you have not interest in can be made interesting by a great teacher. Perhaps if you explained a bit more about why you hate biology and what exactly it is you are looking for (e.g. why do you want to not hate biology?) you may get some help.
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    Do you hate other sciences as well?? Like physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science???

    If you like one of the other sciences, then perhaps we can tell you some of the overlaps with biology.

    What exactly do you hate in biology?? What are you studying at the moment??

    I agree that, for example, classifications of plants might be boring (for some). But that's not everything that biology is about. The way that your human body works is simply fascinating. The way that everything ties in together and makes everything work. The way that plants get their energy is so cool. The way the brain works is still not understood and is very mysterious.

    Life is in a way a complex system that always optimizes itself to current conditions on earth. And this knowledge can be used in computer science, where evolution can be modelled to solve problems.

    Many unscientific people say that science is cold and heartless. But that is far from the truth. Once you realize how life is so complex, it becomes beautiful.

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    In my anecdotal experience, get a good textbook on the subject.
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    Maybe there isn't enough pictures and graphs in the book you have. The pictures are always fascinating for biology, and offer a description of what the text is about.
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    um you need to explain why you hate it.
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    not if he's a troll...
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    I never felt it was beautiful, or artistic. To me, when someone says it, it seems more vague than intriguing. But I do feel science is most arcane thing we have to dabble with that actually produces insights into mysteries of questions the human mind composes. I view it more as a tool than something to marvel at its beauty as compared with the beauty of say, Machu Picchu.
    I need to understand how this happens... Depending on the subject, the science of it will help me better understand it in terms of how it works, but once I start to ask why, then either philosophy or a person's wisdom will point him/her towards that answer or an answer s/he is most comfortable with.

    It depends on the person and what aspect of biology they dislike. I, for instance, disliked botany and even after taking a class, didn't like it as much but I understood the usefulness of the subject.
    The biology I liked the most was genetics and how certain characteristics are passed down to offspring. For some reason I really liked that aspect of biology. So, biology itself has many different fields within it, and hating all of it is a bit short-sighted if you haven't taken the time to see what else it has to offer.

    At your university there should be a list of biology-based classes and dependent on your prerequisites being completed, take the class that most interests you. That is all the advice I can give you seeing as I have nothing else to go on. If you still dislike biology, maybe that path isn't for you, choose something you do like instead.

    Textbooks cost too much money, especially a bio-based one. There is more freeware in terms of lectures and online books that helps a person understand the core concepts of each discipline of biology.
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