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Haunted Places! This is a true story

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    I work on a part time basis for our local Parks and Recreation since my retirement seven years ago. Yesterday, one of our newer employees asked me if I have heard the "children's voices" at our "C" facility, whic consists of a large recreation meeting room and BB Gymnasium. I said no, tell me about it. He said that twice in the last several months, when he was there by himself after dark he heard "children's" voices coming from the hallway adjoining the office. He was the only one there as all the scheduled activities had ended an hour earlier. He stated he got up to look, wondering what was going on. He looked everywhere, including outside, and no one was there. Another employee also stated he has heard the "children" on several occasions. I am going to pay more attention the next times I am there and see what happens. I will advise everyone in the forum should anything develops.

    Years earlier, there used to be a private residence on this propert before it was purchased by the recreation district.

    Do you have any stories of similar occurences?
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    Yeah, but since I'm dedicated to natural sciences, I dare not tell them..:cry:
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    In the town of Belmez in Spain there's a house famous for strange faces that appear in their walls. The owner of the house says that she erases the "Belmez faces" again and again, but they reappear also again again and again
    I think that the owner is who is drawing the faces and pulling the leg to the rest of the country
    I don't believe in ghosts, phantoms, voices from the other world,... The only ghosts that I believe that exist generally wear expensive clothes, eat in luxurious restaurants and earn a lot of money. They are called politicians
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    Being an HVAC engineer, I'd say the problem is probably undersized air conditioning ductwork...
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    Just what have those employees been spiking their bug juice with? :eek:
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    A lot of people have reported seeing a young, ghostly girl in the pool area on the Queen Mary. As the story goes, the girl drowned in the pool back in the thirties or forties I think.

    When there a few years ago, some buddies and I [after a long night of drinking] ditched the party at hand and explored the underbelly of the ship. We were into areas that appeared to be untouched since the ship was operational. It was pretty spooky but no ghosts. We did find a human skeleton. It took a minute to realize that it was only a prop used in their yearly Halloween tour :surprised
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