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Have 0 potential energy?

  1. Aug 16, 2005 #1
    persinaly i already hae though about it but i want to know what you think and if uve thinked like this.
    imagen the universe when its young matter is equaly spread (the small variation are now to small to be noticed) wouldnt all matter then have 0 potenial energy? it should cause there is nothing that can drag it to a center. What now if we wait some time so bodies with a center of mass is formed. Then the matter is losing potenial energy cause its coming closer to the center of gravity. but if it had no potenial energy how can it lose it? how can it lose something it doesnt have? and according to the laws of nature energy can be destroyed or created. So the same amount of energy that is lost that doesnt exist would need to be "created" in form of heat or any other for of energy. or what do u think?
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