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Homework Help: : Have 2 questions

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    URGENT: Have 2 questions

    I got 2 questions, if anyone can answer one or both of them, ill appreciate it. thanks!
    8. Why is it difficult to measure the perihelion advance of the planet Venus?
    9. You are in an elevator at the top of the CN tower. You have a pendulum
    and allow it to oscillate. The elevator falls to the ground after someone
    cuts its support cables. What does the pendulum do? Ignore the air
    resistance acting on the pendulum and the elevator.
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    If these are homework problems, you should post them in one of the homework forums, not here (they have nothing to do with relativity, anyway).
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    i thought these questiosn belonged to the relativity section bout space time and such...sry
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    I believe u would need to consider air resistance and the position at which the pendulum was at.
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