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Have I been poisoned?

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    [SOLVED] Have I been poisoned?

    I've just found the most incredible cheese, camembert, except now my nose is stinging with ammonia (unmistakable), is this misfortunate? I didn't know cheeses have ammonia in them.
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    I call dibs on your stuff when you die.
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    Can i have your stereo
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    I would drink some vinegar to counteract it.
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    Why, is NH4+ less toxic somehow than NH3? That sounds almost reasonable. Anyway I have some very good vingear I've been meaning to drink for a while, it's just been sitting there.
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    Don't drink it straight. Add ice and an olive.
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    You guys may be kidding, but i wouldn't mind a vinegar "shot" now and then. I love that stuff, mmm. :smile:
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    I'm assuming you're all talking about the balsamic kind right? That stuff is delicious.
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    I like vinegar but I don't believe I would want to drink a shot of it straight. Balsamic or any kind. Even the thought of a shot of Italian dressing is too much.
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    You're sure it wasn't used kitty litter?

    edit: Oh, all right --- cheeses are products of molds working on milk sugars, proteins, fats, you name the organic chemical --- some molds are "louder" than others as far as producing hydrazines, amines, and who knows what other godawful smells gourmets seek in cheeses. Brie, camembert, roquefort, limburger? I'd rather walk past a perfume counter than be in the same city block with these gourmet delights. Poisoned? Technically, yes --- EPA and OSHA both limit your exposure to less than you get cleaning windows, litter boxes, walking past Johnny on the spot. Actually imperiled your health? If you're allergic to mushrooms, you might wanta stick to something a bit milder, more processed, and cooked enough to be dead, like cheddars.
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    When your camembert smells of ammonia, it means it is well aged. The french would love it, but I'd say it's too close to its expiriation date (throw it out of your window).
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    :rofl: Definitely a ribbon candidate this year!

    One could microwave the smelly cheese. :biggrin:

    As for mold's and cheese as Bystander mentioned, it might be a different mold spoiling the camember as opposed to the one added. Perhaps its time to 'through it out' as Monique suggested.
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    Maybe in france you can get away with that, but we dont take our public streets as trash cans thank you! :rofl:
  15. Mar 18, 2006 #14
    Err, actually most of us do. :frown:
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    That's becuase your in Baltimore. What a dump.
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    we don't?damn you 10 character limit!
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