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Have I Solved This Correctly?

  1. Jun 4, 2013 #1
    First off, wish to say that I don't study Mathematics so isn't a homework question.

    In regards to this thought experiment
    - I have 90909 different tickets, which I replicate each by 14

    If I replicate the result of the calculation above by 2, am I in effect replicating the tickets a further 14 times? (i.e. 14*14)

    Many thanks,
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    Your problem statement isn't very clear. What does it mean to replicate a ticket? Are you making 14 copies of each of the 90909 tickets? (Whatever that means...) If so, you would have 15 * 90909 = 1363635 tickets.

    What do you mean "replicate the result of the calculation?" You are not calculating anything - you are making duplicate (presumably counterfeit) copies of tickets.

    Are you making copies of only the original 90909 tickets or are you making copies of the 1363635 tickets, thereby making copies of copies of some of them.

    It would help if you stated what you're trying to do more clearly.
  4. Jul 8, 2013 #3
    Thank you for that unnecessary assumption. I'm offended and disgusted by your accusation that I would conduct such an activity.

    Perhaps I re-write it this way, it might be of more clarity:

    x * 14 * 2 * 2, where x is the number of tickets I have, and 14 is the number of draws it is entered into. The last two 2’s are there for convenience, and merely duplicate the result.

    A number is drawn in 14 draws, and that number is the same each draw. For those 14 draws, I have tickets that match that number.

    If I replace x by 14, and NOT create 14 more tickets (rather have them linked to 14 subsequent draws), 14 * 14 = 196 matching.
    If I multiply this by 2 (remembering that there aren’t physically 196 tickets) I obtain 392.

    If I want to now duplicate the original 14 tickets, and when I obtain 392 when multiplying 196 by 2 would the equivalent calculation x * 14 * 2 (14 * 14 *2) be 14 * 14 = 196 physical tickets, each entered into all 14 draws (as I’m duplicating 14 tickets another 14 times (as indicated by the difference between 396 minus 196 = 196, which is 14 * 14) that are entered in each 14 draws)?

    Or if you think of it as having 1 ticket in each 14 draws = 14 overall tickets, each one entered into each 14 draws (14 matching tickets in each draw), and subsequently multiply that 1 ticket in each draw 14 times, makes those 14 replicates of the original 14 entered into 14 draws, thus 14 * 14 = 196.

    Therefore x * 14 * 2 * 2 becomes 196 * 14 (the number of draws) * 2 * 2 = 10976
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