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Have i understood correctly?

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    I been looking at the maths at a specific setup of a interferometer (see image).

    This is my workings out and i seem to get the correct answer but have i missed out any thing or misunderstood the workings out and just happened to get lucky with my answer?

    Photon State:
    Super position:
    Lower becomes cancelled out.

    So upper path is all thats left:
    Meaning its 100% guaranteed to be in upper path unless a measurement is made?

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    Yeah, I'm confused too. I just deleted my previous post. Watched the video where you must have got the information for your original post from.

    My book is definitely saying if the source is where the one is in your image, then detector 1 (upper) won't register photons. Detector 2 (the one on the far right) will.
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    The video is on my PC can't upload it to show you etc. But the video explains how the beam splitter reverses the lower wave and so it doesn't reach the lower photon detector due to interference. Which is now confusing...
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    Yup, I have the video you're speaking of, and watched the relevant area after posting, but before I saw your new post.
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    Theres a book with these videos or a different book ? So im confused which is the right answer then if they say different things.
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    Different book. I am also wondering which is telling the right answer.
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    Ben Schumacher simplified it for us to understand the concept although edgardo has now over complicated it which has confused me more as the maths looks totally different to how the lecture shows it =/

    The issue is which beam based on ben's design is correct =/ because we have seen two different answers from two different sources.
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