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News Have you been PERSONALLY wronged by the US?

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    A handful of people in here have claimed to have been PERSONALLY wronged by the US. Would anyone care to share exactly HOW they have been wronged? I really am curious. It appears to me that a lot of the anti-US sentiment in here comes from people's beliefs that the US has somehow screwed them over personally.

    Not to pick on you, Mr. Robin Parsons, but I'm going to use you as an example because you were the only one who was at all specific on this (please correct me if I got it wrong). You lost your job as a result of unfair US tariffs on imported Canadian lumber, right?

    Anyone else care to share similar experiences?
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    Do you really need to be asking this question now, russ, considering what Tuesday is? :wink:
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    So Sorry, not even close russ, way farther, deeper, longer, way more important and larger then something as small as that, russ.

    I'll post you a link russ, just a moment.........
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    Yes I've been wronged!

    I can't believe the taxes I paid. No wonder the economy is slow.

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    Your taxes paid those troops you love so much...

    Part of the problem, I think, is that people lump individuals with larger groups. Have people worldwide been screwed over by America? Sure, when you identify individuals and single groups from America as being America.
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    damn you for hijacking my thread

    Um, Mr. Robin Parsons, you've been wronged by GRAVITY and that's the US's fault? [?] Might I suggest you join a GYM?!
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    Okay I must be totally ignorant, what is tuesday.
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    Oh, nevermind, I am such an idiot, tuesday's the fiveteenth of April, in otherwards the tax man cometh. I see know the irony. Good thing I've had my done for months and I'm getting a refund!
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    Once again russ, you seem to wish to think that you can figure out the reality without facts, as you are missing so many.

    The reference to the gravity pages in because I have very intimate and unique knowledge of exactly how gravity works, comes into being.

    That knowledge could lead to a gravitationally powered flying craft, and as I had asked the question, in these forums, (PF 2.0 actually) the political implications of such an ability, the responses where concordant inasmuch as basically they all agreed that if the US didn't have it, they would invade to get it, they would not allow someone else to have it exclusively.

    Hence russ, being the guy who has that knowledge, it is simple enough to add two plus two and figure out why I cannot get the accreditation for the work that I did here in Canada that served all 33,000,000 Canadians, was hailed as a "Victory for all of the Children of Canada" and had the lovely effect of giving the adult parents of the children Peace of Mind!

    That russ, (Peace of Mind!) is something that you cannot 'cost out', it is priceless what I had been able to assist in affording all of them, plus we have the added bonus of the present owner of the copyrights as having the opportunity to have it service many more people then just the people's of Canada.

    I have earned the right to be a public person in my own country russ, and that right is, presently, being violated.

    Takes some kind of pull/power to keep the press from reporting on something russ, but apparently you remain oblivious of it, not to fault you, as I already know, am aware of, just how little you actually know about me, and my past history.

    BTW russ, I had 'helped' in the US, first, back in the early nineties, but you know nothing of that, and I simply do not feel like telling you.

    Have I been personally wronged by the US?, NO, not the entire country as per it's peoples, but by a small group of Americans?, political and otherwise, You Bet'cha!!!
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    Perhaps the Anti-US sentiment is not necessarily based on a personal wrong, but rather a distaste of the US policy?
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    edited for SP

    Is this a reference to me?? as I am most assuredly NOT Anti-US, not in sentiment, not in belief, nor in practice.

    As for policies, HUH?

    What's gone on with me is, sorta, a very personal attack, done in private, out of the view/knowledge of the general public, hence, reprehensible in it's nature, repugnant in it's longevity, and disgusting as activity.

    In my case it is first unusual, then, once that is understood, it is then very obvious that it is intentionally done, and exceedingly cruel to do, to someone like myself as per the reasons why it is being done in the first place!!
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    Ok, but in another thread did you not complain about losing your job due to US trade policy?
    Ok so I apparently have completely misunderstood you. You are mad because the US won't acknowlede your conquering of gravity. Ok.... [smiles, nods, and backs away slowly...]
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    I don't quite follow. The powers-that-be in the USA willfully destroyed Mr Parsons' life because he had invented a gravitationally powered airship and they didn't like the idea? Can someone join the dots for me.
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    it would seem to me that this thread is labeled to a specific individual rather then the forum as a whole...if you wish to address a specific member, use the pm system...
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    Sorry Kerrie, it won't happen again. I promise. :wink: :smile:
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    Kerrie perhaps this will help


    So russ, I find it fascinating that you find The piece you quote as the priori, when it is the act I have undertaken, in Canada, that is about the reality of my current existence, in a tent, in a field.

    Had I gotten the accreditation of what I had contributed to the act of that day my current situation would in no way be what it currently is. It was an act of undue kindness upon the Justices of the Court that they did not mention my name as I had mentioned that I had valued my Right to Privacy. (See; “The Queens life”)

    The knowledge that I have demonstrated in gravity is simply what it is, it makes me no harm to anyone, no threat to anyone, certainly no “National Security Risk” in the Nation that I live in, Have a Right to What I have EARNED, with no ‘outside’ influences having ANY justification to interfere in my right to Accreditation owed me, even/especially (as it should be) if it is done in PRIVATE!

    It is a Distinctly Canadian Affair russ.

    The Knowledge of Gravity russ, is simply an ‘aside evidence’ of my person, of what I have learned in my life, the accumulation of knowledge, what I can, By God’s Grace, produce as a work.

    That you russ would see it as Mad’d’d’d’d’d’ness’ssss, OOOOOOUUUUUUUUH!!!!! The “Bogeyman Cometh” simply tells of the lack, in you, for being explorative/curious, as all persons who study should be, knowledge being the cooperative interconnector that it is, it shows that you would be lacking in any Pioneer Spirit, the ones that lead us all forward in the knowing of Universal Matters, quite literally.

    That takes some imagination russ, but you probably think I don’t know anything about that either, so why bother……………….because it is worth it!
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    No, I was referring to no one in particular.

    Not agreeing with the policies of the US (or any government) doesn't necessarily make you anti-government or anything. I don't agree with some of the foreign policies of the US but since when did anyone ever agree with absolutely everything?

    I am sick of the whole "either you're with us or against us" concept because people tend to use that to target people who just don't happen to agree with the policy at hand.
  20. Apr 14, 2003 #19

    Well, it certainly allows people to avoid actually thinking, doesn't it? They can lable you as an enemy, and make up whatever motives for your opinion that they like. Simple, elegant....who cares how wrong they are?
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    Sorry Kerrie. Its turned into that, but it wasn't meant that way - there are at least half a dozen frequent users of this particular forum who have implied that they have been personally wronged by the US. I was trying to pull that all into one thread (failure).
    I'm really not sure, N_quire, but thats what it sounded like to me. But it appears its just a canadian thing....
    Mr. Robin Parson's, thats why I asked. I wanted to clarify what you wrote in another thread. Thanks for clarifying it.
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