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Have you ever been hit by a car?

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    I have years ago. It was a pain.
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    You mean you were in pain.

    Were you a pedestrian or bicycle rider, or a passenger in a car?

    I was about 5, maybe just early 6, when I was a passenger in a car that got broadsided by a cement-mixer truck. I got a lot of glass in my head, face, mouth, neck and chest. The skin and soft tissue of my nose was cut away, except for a small piece. I had a lot of stiches.

    I just remember being held down by my head, hands and feet while someone picked glass out of my body and then stitched up the cuts.

    I still have a few scars on my face and scalp, otherwise they disappeared with age.
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    As a pedestrian, no. I have been broadsided by a much larger vehicle, a full size ford truck to my plymouth horizon hackback. I was very sore for a week or two but no stitches or serious injury. I have been hit by a train or atleast the baler I was towing in a tractor was taken off the hitch and moved about a hundred yards down the tracks. Ever since then the bales it produces are shaped like bananas. :)
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    I was T-boned (not my fault, legally or otherwise) at a truly stupid intersection when I was 17. Fortunately nobody was hurt beyond bruising on my end, and some inhaled fumes. The other driver was completely unharmed.

    I was struck on the passenger side right on the axle, which is good because my friend was riding shotgun, and a little bit back and this would be a very different story. I remember a very... jarring sensation and too much visual input to process.

    By some miracle of fate, my car spun out into a parking lot across the way, so it was just one hit. My friend got out immdiately, but my door was stuck. I'm... a big guy, and there were some truly unfortunate fumes filling the car, so I kicked the door out. Turns out the frame had twisted, so I'd actually bent the metal around the door with that kick. Lets hear it for adrenaline... anyway...

    I can't believe this, but I did say out loud, "Oh, this doesn't look so bad"... after which the oil filter, on fire, fell out from under the car and rolled away. I checked the hood, and the engine compartment was on fire too.

    So... that was totaled... and I learned how much it bloody HURTS to get smacked with an airbag... beats the alternative though.

    I found that it was an all-over soreness... and even pain, but no serious injury. I think everyone involved was EXTREMELY lucky.

    On another note, a cyclist hit my car... literally, I wasn't moving... a year ago. He was fine, and apologized... I was just worried that he'd been hurt, and fault be damned.

    So... yeah... that was all interesting.
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    No, I was about to when I was a kid, by my father!

    Actually not him, but he was with his friend -the unfortunate driver :biggrin:- I was trying to cross the street and kept hesitating whether to go forward to the other side of the road or turn back, so I sit! :biggrin: And that guy was driving fast, I still remember the loud sound of the brakes, I also remember my dad's looks and voice- a mix of being terrified, reprimanding, but most love... I'll never forget it.
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    Maybe 2 years ago my wife and I were hit by another vehicle. We were going up a road between a Sams Club and Walmart to the light to turn down the other street. The traffic waiting for the left turn was a lot, which attributed to the accident.

    As I am making my way to the light, a large pickup appears out from the line of traffic waiting for the light, apparently the driver had decided to shoot across the road to get from Sam's to Walmart, apparently not knowing we're there, and literally, almost shears the front end of the van off, and pushed us about 15 feet into Walmart's parking area.

    I was not pleased. I was out of the vehicle rather quickly despite what happened, ready to smash some skulls.

    When the cops showed up, the other couple attempted to defend themselves by saying someone else had stopped and waved them across. Cops had replied that you still need to look for yourself. Other then my wife banging her knee a bit, no injuries, though I was ready to inflict serious wounds myself. The van continued to run for about 10 minutes after I removed the key, and eventually died.

    No fault on us, got a check from the insurance company and purchased a new van of the same make and model but 3 years older.
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    Thirteen years ago I was sideswiped by a pickup truck while bicycling. I had a broken collarbone, pelvic bone and ankle. Casts were not practical for those, so I spent most of that summer in a reclining chair in my living room (including sleeping) waiting for the bones to knit.
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    Oh hell... you have 2 of the 3 most painful breaks at the same TIME?!?!? You poor guy!
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    When I was about 20, I was hit by a car as it drove across a parking lot (not in the lanes). I was on my bike at the time. The driver got out and looked at me laying on the ground. He quickly got back in the car and drove off fast.

    Turns out I was OK, just bruises, but he didn't know that. Watching that SOB drive away, I felt a horrible mixture of disbelief and abandonment. It was so cold hearted and selfish.
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    What the hell is WRONG with people?!?! How do you not instantly get out and try to check ABC's, MMST, and call 911?!

    People are a constant dissapointment. :grumpy:
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    They actually didn't hurt at all so long as I stayed in my reclining chair. :wink:

    The pelvic bone and the ankle didn't bother me so long as I kept weight off my feet with crutches. A sling kept the collarbone under control enough so I could get up to go to the bathroom etc. I think I took sponge baths sitting on a chair in the bathtub.

    The worst part was that for the first several days I couldn't sit on the toilet comfortably. I wasn't eating that much, but I still got constipated. Whenever I tried to go, the pelvic bone complained. Finally after ten days or so i was able to get it out. It felt soooooo good! :!!)
  13. Mar 17, 2011 #12
    I got rear ended.
    On my 18th birthday.
  14. Mar 17, 2011 #13
    I was hit by a truck while I was crossing the street in a cross walk. Injured my knee and had to get surgery, torn ACL. A couple months after that I was hit by a VW van while crossing the street. No injuries there. The guy was really nice, jumped out of his van and ran over to see if I was ok. I started laughing hysterically since it had only been a few months since I was hit the first time. I think that scared the guy a bit and made him a bit more worried that I didn't want to go to the hospital.
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    Stalwart and tough you may be, but collarbone and pelvis are considered the most inescapably painful and debilitaing you can get next to (depending) the lower back or Femur.

    Man... that... everything you described is under my list of things to avoid. :tongue:

    Glad you're alive, and walking!
  16. Mar 17, 2011 #15
    I was hit by a car in the summer of 2006 at the end of my second to last year before I went to university. I was delivering mail when I was hit by a car (I was on a bicycle, so I lost), was k.o. for 10-15 minutes and spent 9 days in hospital. I had a severe concussion and had a femur fracture of the left leg. That summer and the summer after that, I was unable to take a job for the holidays because of my injury, but now I'm fine. I don't have any problems playing ice hockey or when I'm running.
  17. Mar 18, 2011 #16
    Oh, yes, hit by a car. I was 12. At the time we lived at the top of a good sized hill. At the bottom of the hill was the elementary school, which we had to ride past to get to the middle school I went to. I was riding my bike, and I would see if I could going fast enough to pace the cars on the road.

    So, one morning while bombing the hill, a car pulled out to turn right onto the street. I was coming down the sidewalk. As there was a slight bend in the road, the driver pulled into the crosswalk so he could see around the bend better just as I was coming into the crosswalk. BAM! He hit me broadside on. My bike was trapped under his car. I went flying into the road.

    Not a lot of damage was done to either me, the bike, or the car. I got scrapped up a bit, tore my pants. The bike got knocked all out of alignment. But a minute or two twisting and bending fixed that. None of my injuries required medical attention beyond my own cleaning of the wounds.

    The guy who hit me was soooooooo freaked out. He was likely dropping his own kids off at the elementary school. I assured him I was fine. The crossing guard (who I never waited for) saw the whole thing. The guy gave me his information. I hurried up and got on my way to school.

    Just as I got on my bike, I noticed my dad was on the side of the road and saw the whole thing happen. He waited to see if I was ok and how I handled it. As a father now myself, I am impressed by his self-restraint. I doubt I could have waited to see how my kid handled it and not rushed over.
  18. Mar 18, 2011 #17
    Oh hell... I'm glad you're OK. That's a frighteningly long time to losed consciousness, and a broken femur... gah!

    Still, isn't the body's ability to heal fantastic?
  19. Mar 19, 2011 #18
    Re: Have you ever been hit by a car?


    Not as a pedestrian nor as a driver. I have been driving for 45 years. I've been walking for a bit longer.

    I was constantly taught ( as far back as I can remember ), and think it was a good lesson, ....
    ' Always! Pay attention to your surroundings....It could save your life.'

    I've avoided several collisions with people and other traffic over the years, due to them not following that particular lesson.

    Sorry I have no horrific, 'hit em' story's to tell. I have had a few near hits that my be interesting.
  20. Mar 19, 2011 #19
    Wow - I'm amazed! I've been hit seven times, all while stopped (lights, traffic slowed to a halt, etc.)

    I've even been hit three times while ridig a bicycle, and twice I've been run off the road while riding a motorcycle.

    I've never been hit as a pedestrian, through.
  21. Mar 19, 2011 #20
    Either you're a couple hundred years old, or you have piss poor luck with cars!!! :wink:
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