Have you ever been this stupid?

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I very much frickin doubt it but I don't know what made me do this.
I just had a test and was answering a question on particles travelling through a magnetic field. (You had to give a description of thier characteristics based on the movement).
Anyway I'm not gonna say what I put down because it is extremely bad.
I was thinking about it on the bus on the way home and just realised that I wrote stuff down which was physically impossible.
What made me do this?
The fact is that I know it's wrong, I know it's physically impossible and yet I still wrote it down.
What is really getting to me is what the lecturer is going to think when he reads that crap I wrote down.
Anyway my other question is if any of you are tutorers or lecturers, do you laugh like hell at stupid crap and share it amongst your colleagues?
I mean I shouldn't really worry what other people think, but I mean this stupidity tops the charts. I think you'd find it impossible to find an answer this stupid.


Once on an organic chem. mecahnism (on an exam), I got totally confused, and ended up drawing a negatively charged radical species spontaneously emitting a free electron as "beta radiation".

On a different note, once I had to attempt a thermodynamics test which involved a physically impossible carnot cycle (the numbers didn't work), so we kept solving equations in a circle for about two hours trying to figure out where we were wrong (we weren't, the given PVT values were impossible). Very funny in retrospect.


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That is the reason I love anonymous marking. I can write any amount of BS and the marker won't have a clue that it's me.
yes I wish it was anonymous for me :(
I just can't believe that I wrote it down because I know it's wrong.
Well fine I think I can take the crap so I will tell you what it was.
I said that one reason why they followed certain paths was because the Electric force was cancelling the magnetic force.
The thing is though the source charge CAN'T BE EFFECTED BY THE FIELD IT CREATES!!!!
I think this might have been from muddled thoughts with regard to a velocity selector where there is a uniform electric field present.
Even using this I said that the size of the charge mattered.
qE=qVB so even if I was talking about a velocity selector I would still be wrong 'cause charge wouldn't just effect the electric force...it would effect the magnetic force too.
I feel so sick after this because it has to be the dumbest thing ever.
I know that I got part of the question right, but I will probably lose marks for putting that crap down.
So anyway that's the joke of the day :)
Enjoy haha :)
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