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Have you ever seen a person go from drinking alcoholically to

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    .. drinking like a normal person?
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    Only if they were very young when they drank alcoholically and then returned to normal in their early to mid-20s.

    For the moment every alcoholics I know are 25+ years old and I don't think I ever saw one turning into a normal drinker.Some of them have completely stopped though.
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    By alcoholically do you mean a genuine alcoholic or a binge drinker? If so yes and yes.
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    If you are an alcoholic, you cannot drink normally for an extended period --- the alcoholism will take over again.

    "Drinking alcoholically" is not, to my mind, a helpful or useful term. "Alcoholic" is. If someone is NOT an alcoholic, it doesn't matter how they drink, they can "drink normally" again at any time and if they are an alcoholic, then they cannot (for any extended period).
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    Why do you ask? When I was younger I was a "heavy binge drinker" which gradually got worse. In retrospect It seems like I was going down the path to being an alcoholic, but never got there. I realised it was getting in the way of my life and I stopped. I only very occasionally drink now. It tastes so much nicer as a reward for a hard days work.
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    My father is a huge alcoholic since his 30's. Now he cannot stand 1 day without alcohol. However when I was younger and I would visit him, I think he would not drink any alcoholic beverage for 2 months; this happened for several years in a row. After those 2 months periods I doubt he remained sober though.
    But with some will, I think it would have been possible for him to stop entirely alcohol since he could make it for 2 months. So I'm sure there are people who stopped alcohol for X reason.
    By the way my father is also a very heavy smoker since he's like 14 years old. On the top of that he developped Barrett's esophagus like in 2004 and won't stop either alcohol or cigarrettes. I don't think there's anything that would stop him.
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    Yes, alcoholics can stop drinking any time they decide to. A great many do and many of them stop forever. What they CANNOT do is ever take another drink "socially" and leave it at that. After one they will take another. And another.
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