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Have you heard of Cr2Cl3 ?

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    Have you heard of Cr2Cl3 ????

    Does Cr2Cl3 molecule exist???

    I have heard of CrCl3 but not Cr2Cl3 & cant find it on google !!!

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Have you heard of Cr2Cl3 ????

    As I'm not in lab, I can't (easily, at least) check CAS, but Webelements doesn't seem to have anything that matches -


    There's CrCl2, CrCl3, and CrCl4, but no Cr2Cl3 listed, and it's not something which rings a bell in my memory. I'm not an inorganic chemist, though, so my memory on this point may not be the best.
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