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Haven of intelligence

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    Hi all. I found this forum when searching for the specifics of Mercuries orbit (details of its Tidal Lock). It was so nice to see good intelligent discussion. I've missed this for a while due to various reasons.

    I hope to meet lots of great people here who can increase my level of knowledge of the world and more.

    Im a 35 year old Telecommunications Consultant with only highschool education. I Joined the Army when I was 16, left when I was 23 and worked in the private military industry doing a mixture of Communications and body guarding ever since. I am British (Scottish) but live in Romania with my Romanian girlfriend.

    Please excuse my spelling (you will see some right corkers and Praise the Lor... Batman for spell check) but don't judge my intelligence from it ;-)

    Look forward to seeing you all on the boards.
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    Welcome to PF!
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