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Having a little trouble understanding electromagnetic induction

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    Having a little trouble understanding electromagnetic induction...
    Do you produce more voltage when magnets are 'in series' or 'parallel?' I realise those might not be orthodox terms, so I'll try describe what I mean in words:

    Say I have a few small permanent magnets to generate a current with. I set up something with coils of wires and pass magnets through etc. I set up 2 somewhat different 'generators'

    In one of them, I somehow stick the small magnets together to form one big magnet with a single collective North and South pole (I.E. the South poles of all the magnets are in the same place and the North's are in the same place)

    In the other, I have several interconnected coils of wires, and I alternate running magnets up and down the coils simultaneously. (So I drop a magnet down the first coil, run one up the second, drop one down the third, etc.)

    Which one would produce more volts? And does that mean that the other one would maintain a charge longer?

    There's another part to my question but that fits more into Quantum Physics...
    Thank you!
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    Coils in series will have a higher result because we can add all the individual voltages.
    If our energy input is the same in both cases we should see a higer current in case of the parallel coils when we comple the circuits.

    Coils have very little influence in holding a charge. In terms of your question coils are not generating a charge but the magnet will (sort of) move the charges allong the wires in the coils and therefore producing voltages and currents. (Sorry in case I misunderstood your last question). Thanks for not asking the QM question.

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    Thank you!

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