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Having doubts confused :/

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    I'm a sophomore math major. I've always liked math, and started college with a double major in chem and math, but now I have decided to drop chem and focus on math. I'm taking calc 3, proofs, and linear algebra ( not the proof-based one) this semester. However, these past days I have had some serious doubts. I'm confused because just a few days ago I was all up for a math major, and was excited to learn and understand things more. I even went to talk to an undergrad math advisor, and I guess that's when I started to really have doubts. It's just I feel like maybe i'm not cut out for a math major after all? Just thinking about those upper level courses like Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis, makes me really question myself, as to whether i'll be able to excel there. Do you think I'm over thinking this? Has anyone had any experience? Any advice is appreciated
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    Of course you are over-thinking the situation! Right now, you need to focus on developing your proof abilities in you proof class, as well as making sure you have a solid understanding of the material in your other math classes.

    Are algebra and analysis hard? I sure thought so. But, I made it through with a lot of hard work. As long as you are enjoying what you are studying and are willing to put in the time and work necessary to develop the appropriate level of understanding, I think you will be fine. You're not at a point where you can appreciate much of the content in those courses yet, so you shouldn't be dreading them! Strong proof skills are important, though, so don't neglect your proof class.

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    Such doubts and experience are normal and they happen to many people not just in academics. Even love birds, before they marry have that "what if..." moment but then remind themselves of WHY they are marrying the person and continues on with it. When I first. I notice, I question and doubt about something when it starts to get hard or I see myself struggling. bromden gave you pretty solid advice. Work on your weaknesses and you'll be okay. Good luck
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    Hey SMA_01.

    The best advice I can give you, is if you need help, don' feel afraid to get it. I say this from my own experience as I have been in situations similar to yours where I have felt inferior to ask for help and have learned that it's ok to not know some things (or most things to be more correct).

    If you have a problem, talk to your TA's, or lecturers/professors. The only thing I recommend you do is to prepare your questions and be specific about what you do not understand. They will appreciate if they do this because it saves them time, it saves your time, and it shows them that you are putting in an effort in all manners of the word.

    I think you are over thinking this a little. Don't worry though, it happens to all of us at one point and just remember that most things worth striving for are hard.
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    Thank you all for the advice, it's greatly appreciated!
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