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Homework Help: Having problems with a thermo. cycle

  1. Apr 10, 2005 #1
    Having problems with a thermo. cycle!!

    OK, so in the problem A->B is isobaric, B->C is adiabatic, C->D is isothermal, D->A is isochoric.

    Pa = 2atm, Va = 2 m^3, n = 1mole, Vb = 1/2Va, Pa = 2Pd (That is all the information that is given.)

    I always end up with the temperatures of B and C both equaling 2.44x10^4 K. What am I doing wrong?

    (After I did all the calculations for A->B, I went over to D since there was no info for C in the problem. After finding the temperature of D, I found the temperature of C since C->D is isothermal. I found the temperature at D by assuming that Va = Vd since it is an isochoric process, and also since Pa=2Pd due to what is given in the problem. So then I used PV=nRT at D to find the temp there.
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