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Having sensitive eyes

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    Whenever I have my picture taken, the flash of the camera blinds me. I close my eyes as a result (involuntarily) and come out with the eyes closed in the photograph while other people in the same picture maintain open eyes. This happens all the time.

    Is there any way to help this situation?
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    It might also be a reaction to being startled.
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    Welcome to my club! My family has many photos of me, from the time I was very little, with my eyes closed.
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    wear sun glasses and close your eyes?
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    I usually try to smile when posing.

    what did you do about it?

    what about without the sun glasses?
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    You could crazy glue your eyes open.
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    The picture is supposed to be taken the exact instant there is a flash, so your eye muscle reflexes must be extreme. Try lowering exposure time on the camera, and in the same time decreasing (or was it increasing?) f-stop.
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    Happens to me too. Takes me ages to get a picture of me without my eyes closed if I'm doing it myself so its nothing to do with startling with me. I don't know if there is much that can be done.
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    some cameras have a redeye reducer that sends out a flash just before the photo flash. it makes your eyeballs jump.
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    Just tell people to shut off red eye reduction so that there's only one flash.
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    Shine a flashlight in your eyes moments before the photo is taken. Then the camera flash should not be such a surprise to your retinae.
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