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Having Trouble With Physics

  1. Mar 25, 2012 #1
    I am currently enrolled in a grade 11 algerbraic physics class and I had trouble with one lab report and one quiz.

    First off I will talk about the lab, before spring break I recieved the same notice for the lab report as the other students meaning it was due on tuesday after spring break and I took my results home which was paper that had been dotted by a ticker tape timer since we were analyzing the motion of a vehicle. Sometime in spring break on a Tuesday or Monday my mother accidently threw away the paper that had been dotted, I had to do the experiment again which I did on monday following spring break. I thought that I had one day to do the lab since it was due on tuesday but my physics teacher gave us an extension to thursday and I still could not do it until then so she gave me an extension to midnight on friday which I was able to make. The problem with the lab was the fact that I could not understand what I was doing. I was supposed to find acceleration and velocity which I did but they fluctuated and were not supposed to since the car was supposed to go from a high speed to a low speed due to friction. I also had trouble making a line of best fit. The lab overall took me more then 24+ hours which is not normal and screwed up my sleep habits. It affected my grade in math since I got a 60 on a trig quiz and a 50 on a log quiz on Thursday, the day it was due. I wanted to study for them but I had to do the lab report in physics and I did not want to dissapoint the physics teacher by getting a 0. I did the lab report by myself by the way and I need to know what I should do if I had a quiz for math or 2 quizzes for math on the same day. Should I study for math and ask for an extension in physics even though I would risk a bad grade?. Math is important for the cegep program I am applying to. Physics is also important as well.

    I will keep this short about the quiz. I did all the questions that the teacher assigned plus more then 10 questions on another sheet relevant to the topic, I also came to her tutorial. When it came time to do the quiz I did not answer the first question right and did not get any of the answers for number 3 but it was a multiple choice. What should I do next time to prepare for a quiz or test?

    I want to try and get good marks in that subject since I will be applying to pure and applied science at Dawson College. This is affecting my mindset (I have become depressed) and I might develop a hopeless attitude toward the subject.
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  3. Mar 26, 2012 #2
    Find the right way to prepare for a quiz or test.

    This sounds flippant, but everyone prepares differently. There's people on this board who'll swear up and down that working a ton of problems will get you places. Me, I just study the derivations and run through some representative problems. Find the combination of studying derivations and working problems that works for you.

    I wasn't sure whether to respond to your tale of the physics lab since your post was unclear, but I'll respond anyway. Best thing I can tell you is to learn how to weigh assignments. Working yourself to death over 1% of your final grade is not a good idea if there are two things worth 3% of your final grade that also need your attention. When you are short on time, prioritize. Other than that, all's I can say is, don't let your mom clean your room. Ever. Things get thrown away: assignments, sentimental notes from an old girlfriend, life-saving drugs, fun drugs, your pet rabbit.. best to do it yourself.
  4. Mar 26, 2012 #3
    This is true. A good portion of my bachelors was spent discovering what the right study techniques are for myself.
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