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Having your head screwed backwards

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    what does it mean ?
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    Tom Mattson

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    It means that you don't think properly.
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    Would you like a demonstration ?
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    Re: Re: Having your head screwed backwards

    Yes, why not ?
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    He would break your neck and he would be put in jail for manslaughter, it means that they think illogically ( do you understand that)
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    stop trying to use scienctific words or different words than what it really means. It was meant to mean that you dont think straight because if your heads on backwards it isnt straight. So not thinking straight basically came from having your head screwed on backwards
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    The little argument in this thread is a perfect example of having yourhead screwed on backwards.
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    yea just dont physically try it you need to go though a lot of places no man should ever have to go espically crawl for that matter...just to get away
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    Well I think we have just about used up this thread
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