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Hawking astronaut!

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    Seems he is serious about it.
    Without doubts,he deserves to go if he wants to.
    So far it's just zero- G training,but I remember reading he dreamed
    about longer living in an Earth orbit some day.
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    That's great! I hope he stays safe. It has always been his dream to visit space.
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    what possible good can come from that ?

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    Let the man have his fun: he sits in a wheel chair all day but has done more for the world than all of us here combined. He has earned the right to do whatever he wants.
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    What possible good came from Tito or Shuttleworth going to [strike]space[/strike] a weightless environment?
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    Pleasure !
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    Just to make sure no one got the wrong impression, he's going to fly in an airplane. He's not flying into space.
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    I didn't. But I couldn't get a better example for comparison than Tito/Shuttleworth. :)
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    Cool, I think that virgin's aspirations to bring 'outer space' down to an accessible level to average every day people is pretty cool. I hope hawking gets to do that one day (supposedly he wants to).

    I have seen videos of these 'zero g' airplane manouvers and if your head is in the wrong position, it meets the cabin at 10g, lol. Hope he enjoys himself :) He does deserve it.
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    Deserve what? Hitting the cabin at 10g? :tongue2:
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    It had to be done.
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    :rofl: So wrong, Cyrus. So wrong.
    I figure SH must laugh all the depictions that are done of him, though. He seems to have a really good sense of humor.
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    Ok, whatever. But why is this in the news. Nobody cares.


    Yeah right :rolleyes:

    What exactly has he done for the world. Now, don't you come over here with this Hawking radiation stuff because that has NO value for the world what so ever. A doctor or a teacher has done much more for our society than some estranged theoretical physicist.

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    So, you really cared about Ms.Spears shaving her head? And did that get rid of draughts somewhere in Africa? If THAT can be in the news (and it is, ALL the time), then so can this. :tongue:
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    I would say that Ms. Spears has brought much more joy and hapiness to the world than Hawking ever did. Just think of what any artist means to his/her fans. Just look at yourself and assess how your preferred kind of music, book, film has a positive influence onto your life. You have not cared about Hawking and neither have I. I just say that we need to STOP this hypocritical behaviour of admiring this useless "genius".

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    yep that's a typo


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    Hawking sold 9 million copies of A Brief History of Time. Even if you doubt his contribution to science, if nothing else, he helped raise the level of exposure of physics via his celebrity more than any regular teacher could.
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