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Hawking Radiation – Empty space virtual antiparticle-particle pairs

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    In reviewing explanations on evaporating Black Holes using Hawking Radiation, based on how the black hole might treat Quantum “Vacuum particle pairs”.

    Although direct observation of Black Hole radiation has not been confirmed it implied that “Antiparticle – Particle creation, and self destruction” events in empty space has been observed or confirmed!
    How and when was this seen or done?
    Did they know what the particles were?
    Could it have included “Anti-photons”?? as they don't exist in the real world.

    It seemed like the explanation was a little weak on why more “real” Particles would escape and the Anti-particles would be the ones to return to the black hole.
    But if there were “virtual” Anti-Photons paired with a “virtual” Photons it wouldn’t matter which one came out because once out and was no longer ‘virtual’ even the Anti-photon would resolve into real Photons carrying away mass in the energy of light.
    Maybe we’d never see larger particles (not even electrons) radiate from a black hole just energy in the form of light.
    Do you think HR would allow for this?
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