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Hawking radiation

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    my understanding of the behavior of hawking radiation (with questions) is as follows:
    1) in Q. Mechanics virtual partical/antipartical pair are created randomly throughout the universe.
    Q1) without a complete layout of Q.M., why is this?

    2) the gravity of a singularity will remove one of the pair, leaving the other to be emitted as radiation. thus by the law of energy conservation an inflow of positive energy disipates the black hole in time.
    Q2)if a positivly charged particle is taken in will its antiparticle pair be radiated as 'negative energy'? and if so wouldn't this cancel the effect of the inflow of positive energy? or does +/- energy not anniparticle annihalate each other as does +/- matter? also, how can a virtual (no mass) be effected by gravity? (i know it does because we observe light (photons: virtual particle)bend over high gravity areas.)
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    Uncertainty principle.

    It is a lot more subtle than the above description. Good starting point is understanding so called Penrose Process.

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