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Hawkin's paradox

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    Last night (Sunday 10/22/06) they had a special on the Science Channel called “Hawkins’s Paradox”. It was about how Hawkin proposed the idea that information thrown into a black hole gets destroyed and lost forever. For reasons they didn’t get into and therefore I don’t understand, this would cause problems with cause and effect and even bring what is in our memories into question. Another physicist was supposed to have shown that information does not get destroyed in a black hole and there is no paradox. Hawking just lately stated that that if there is an infinite amount of parallel universes and there are universes without black holes, this would resolve the paradox. In proposing this he admitted that he was wrong the first time.

    The problem I see in Hawkins’s second proposal is that parallel universes is a highly speculative idea and it is probably impossible to prove that other universes exist. We only have evidence that the one we inhabit exist and that is it. The other physicist was not too impressed either. The program also mentioned how Hawkin has declined in his reputation as a physicist in the general population. With this and his idea that computer viruses are a form of life, makes me question some of his ideas as well.
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    Are you wanting to open a discussion on the "Information Paradox" or are you just venting?
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    Well, if you are going to talk about infinite universes, I feel it is my duty to take a page from Douglas Adams. Or at least use his general arguement. With an infinite number of paralell universes, there must be one of this universe, except a finite number(1) over infinity is equal to zero. Therefore this universe does not exist, and neither does this question. You're welcome.
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    What is your general opinions about S. Hawking? I too have always been skeptic about his ideas.
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