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Hawks on the move!

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    Today is sunny and warm with a breeze out of the SW. I went out on the back deck and saw a soaring red-tail so I went inside for my camera, but he was too high for a good picture. While I was out there (maybe 5 minutes) a half-dozen other hawks soared overhead, including several broadwings, a goshawk and one or two others that I couldn't identify on sight. They were all at pretty good altitudes, and they weren't ID as threats by the songbirds, because they kept on singing. Last year when there was a nesting pair of broadwings down back, the birds would go silent when they showed up hunting.
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    We have at least a pair in the neighborhood. I need to post a picture that I took a few weeks ago. Then there is the odd individual who seems to pass through.

    At night we've had owls, but I think they have moved off deeper into forested areas.
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    This little caravan was odd because there were so many different species traveling at the same time. To be fair, our prevailing winds are out of the NW and the hawks would be quartering against that if they followed the land mass up along the Atlantic coast to Maine. When hawks get a free ride on a very warm (82 deg F presently) SW wind they have every reason to take advantage of it. We live on the south slope of a pretty big hill, so with the sun and the terrain giving them an updraft, they were pretty much just coasting along with lots of altitude to ride out any downdrafts without having to work too much. The word "bird-brain" is not so much an insult as it might seem. :biggrin:
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