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He+1 energy level.

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    For drawing a energy level diagram of He+ (singly ionized He), do I draw it without the interaction of the "outside" electron, thus no effect of orbital angular quantum number l (because there's only 1 electron left). Or should I draw it with the interaction with the "outside" electron, leading to the effect the orbital angular quantum number l make on the energy level? Because if I'm not wrong, the effect of l on energy levels is based on electron interaction, right? (I'm trying to draw an energy diagram explaining the spectrum of Helium)
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    If it is singly ionized helium, with only one electron bound in any quantum state, then the energy levels are like an isolated hydrogen atom with a doubly-charged proton, except that the reduced mass correction is less. This is a gas molecule, so it is not close to a loose electron or to other molecules in a solid or liquid.
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    Thank you, so there will be no effect of the 2nd quantum number on the energy level of He+, right?
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    If you mean for the He+ ion excited states, that there is no effect on n and l ( l <= n-1), it is a single-electron atom and should be hydrogen-like. So it has both fine structure and hyperfine structure, Lamb shifts, etc..
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