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He-3(n,p)H-3 reaction

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    Since D-D fusion releases H-3 + p and He-3 + n, how does the reaction He-3(n,p)H-3 occurring affect measurement of fusion rate by neutron count?

    In other words, do I have to take He-3 absorbing neutrons into account while calculating the fusion rate or in what conditions can I neglect it?

    Thank you.
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    If the cross-section is relevant, then sure you have to take it into account.
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    The He-3(n,p)H-3 has a very low microscopic cross-section, < 1 b, above 1 MeV. It is primarily a thermal neutron absorber.

    Combined the very low density, it is low probability of occurring, and the neutron is more likely to escape the plasma.
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    Thank you Astronuc.
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