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He can not access BitTorrent(BT)

  1. May 14, 2004 #1
    my friend currently got a problem, with his internet, he can not access

    BitTorrent(BT) type service it says the firewall was on or you are in a intranet. , i believe it was the build in firewall in his dsl modem block such service. becasue he did not have any external firewall not even windows's build in.

    my friend connect to internet via dsl modem using lan.

    so how do i help him?

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    Hey, you told me that you didnt know anything about computer, but now why dyou talk like a professional huh ? You know about build-in firewall, bit torrent service and many other things about lan.

    I think what you believe isnot incorrect, but about how to change it, I dont know either...

    >>>>(Just in case you are for real) What i said about my internet problem was just a joke to make sure about you and thats all, I know it right then.... Thanks and dont take it too seriously like that...lol...
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    I am not sure if I understood what you are asking but if I did understand correctly then it is something like this…Your friend has a working DSL connection but a peer-to-peer application, called BitTorrent, is not working and you believe the problem is caused by a firewall restriction.

    I did a search on what ports are required to be open for BitTorrent and came up with TCP ports 6881 through 6999.

    Get into your friend’s DSL modem and see if it has the ability to do one-to-one port mappings and point all of those ports to the local IP of your friends machine.
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    hoho i got tricked, but this is for my other friend =)
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    yeah thats the situation, but how do i check

    "the ability to do one-to-one port mappings and point all of those ports to the local IP of your friends machine"

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    Nothing at all, i just wanted to know the truth around you..
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    this is interesting. hoho do u mean u r testing me? i guess i could pass those exams. =P
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    Actually, on the net like this, there is no one lost or won, there is always time and space for us to make some preparation before handling some situations, but the more you post, the more people might be able to guess who you are...
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    Umm, I have poor English I guess, I don’t really understand u well


    what r u talking abt? ...
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    This is the best thread ever
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    You guys have gone way off topic. I'm closing the thread.
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