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a week ago i and my friends were eating together. a frind of mine in there was vegeterian. my friende were upto a prank on feeding him some meat. :biggrin: they rolled boiled boneless chicken in traditional roti. he ate it and found some change in taste but we said it is mushroom and he went on eating as he didnt know what meat tastes like :rofl: .

yesterday someone betrayed us and said him everything :grumpy: . he spoke all foul words he knew at us and went away. we all saw him hold his stomach and ;throat and ;slowly open mouth and; spew out everything he had eaten. he vomited all over the floor :yuck: .
can this be the result of the psycho - psychology :confused:.
can someone really try to vomit what h/she ate a week ago?


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First of all, you and your friends are jerks. Any human is capable of eating meat just fine, some people choose not to. If someone strongly felt that eating "meat" was wrong and repulsive, and they found out they were sneaked in meat, maybe the very image that they had eaten something that they find repulsive created nausea which induced the vomiting. Likely, he did not vomit what he ate the previous week, he vomited what he ate recently (it would have nothing to do with the food, but the nausea induced by his repulsion to having eaten the meat).
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That wasn't really a very funny prank. You and your friends seem to be what I like to call "twats". I'm anti-vegetarian, but wouldn't dream of conning someone into doing something which was against their wishes.

Perhaps he was vomiting because he felt sick at the thought that he'd been betrayed by his so-called friends?
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if your mind can make you think you have a sickness (hypochondria) or you can feel better taking sugar pills (placebo effect), being horrifically disgusted that you ate meat can definitely make you vomit.

Many people are vegetarians for moral reasons and not health reasons, and people take morality very seriously. If someone believes that eating animals is morally wrong, then to eat that animal is one of the most terrible things that they can do. It would be like someone tricking you into killing someone, when you think killing is bad. It would make you sick to your stomach. I've vomited over lesser mental anguish and it was all because I was upset over something, never because I was sick.

By the way, that is such a cruel thing to do.
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nothing to add apart from you and your friends are complete idiots, if someone had done that to me i'd knock themout...
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Vomiting what he ate a week ago? No...I think he would have already digested the food before then (the meal would have already came out the other end by then)

*Knowing that, why did your friend vomit? It wouldn't remove the nonexistent week-old meat from his digestive tract. (The thought that this vomiting could "turn back time" to the day he/she ate meat seems quite irrational to me. I'm no vegetarian, I don't want to call anyone a jerk...etc-->but the irrationality of your friend in this vomiting makes me question his rationality in/for pursuing vegetarianism in the first place. I'm not saying he/she is wrong, but irrational people can adopt all sorts of principles)
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Vomiting is more of an involuntary response from our nervous system than it is a rational decision. At least when I vomit I never "choose" too (though apparently you can induce it by touching your finger to the back of your throat, but I leave that sort of thing to super models :redface:).

Imagine if you ate something and found out a week later or so that you were fed fly guts mixed with rat feces. You might remember eating it, tasting it, and such and those feelings alone can induce a nauseous feeling that can be enough to trigger vomiting as an auto response (just as if your internal organs "sensed" that a food was off and vomited it out as an involuntary response to keep it from invading your digestive system, in that case we might not even be conscious of what the problem might be).

Remember, meat might not be disgusting to someone else so it may seem like this guy is "weird" for vomiting like that, but there is some reason a vegetarian doesn't want to eat it...just like I'm sure there is some reason we don't actively seek out rat poop for lunch (note: please don't eat rat poop in an attempt to test any of this. I'm not being scientific, just using this as an example of something that could trigger a similar nauseous response in someone who likes meat, but not say, rat poop).

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