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Medical Headache and vomitting

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    This happened to me recently. I had a very light breakfast, and didn't eat anything all day long. In the evening, I ate a heavy dinner, and then subsequently I started to get a headache. An hour later, I threw everything up.

    I know that this site isn't suppose to be about diagnosis of any type, but just to get a general idea, what is the relationship between a headache and vomiting? And why did the empty stomach reject food?
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    First off, you over stuffed yourself. If you eat light in the morning, I would not suggest to alot after that and to make it alot, even worse. You have to know your limits. I have had the same thing happen and it could also be a case of food poisioning, too.
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    I would guess food poisoning.

    Was there any sinus pressure/congestion? Sinus congestion can produce a mild headache and make one nauseous.
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    Going without eating can cause your blood sugar level to drop which can induce a headache. Additionally, it could be the type of food you ate (spicy foods and alcohol has a similar effect). Was it a new food you had never tried before?

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    Yes there was a sinus congestion during that time. Thought it could have been an allergic reaction in the fall which I don't have. Except in spring.

    Food poising sounds like a candidate. But I can't remember from what. The reason I didn't eat anything all day long is I was sort of nauseous. But then decided to eat a dinner consisting of red meat and some spices. That appeared to be enough to set off big headache. After throwing up, the headache went away quickly. It was weird.
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    I've had that experience. I don't really know what the mechanism is, but it seems like whatever is upsetting my stomach at the time is also inducing the headache...get it all out, and I start to feel better soon. It could be some mixed up signals too...nausea and vomiting signals are relayed via the vagus nerve, which is a cranial nerve, so maybe it can also trigger perception of a headache. Not sure though.
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    I used to get migraines and would throw up from them, but after I threw up my headache would go away.
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