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Headers/footers in printed e-mail messages from Outlook Express

  1. Aug 20, 2004 #1
    Don't understand why it is so difficult to adjust the headers and footers on printed e-mail messages from Outlook Express....
    I know that some of the settings are tied in with IE, (such as the margins. If you to go to file -> page setup in IE browser you can adjust the margins, and they also affect the printed messages in Outlook Express)

    However if you try to change the code in the headers and footers pane within "page setup" (eg. the &u, &b, page&p of &P, etc), or simply delete it, it only affects printed web-pages from within IE, and the headers and footers in Outlook Express remain unchanged..

    If its something simple, cool, thats great, if not, Microsoft are looking worse by the minute and the linux distros that i've been using for years are becoming the much better option as time goes on...

    Someone please help!
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