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Heading towards Masters physics?

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    Heading towards Masters physics??

    Hoping someone can help with some insight as to whether or not I can handle this:

    I am currently in my second year at university. In my first year I was doing physics, computational and applied maths, maths and physics as part of my bsc degree. I passed physics and applied maths with low 60's. Computer Science 70% and scraped maths with a low 50. As per the univerity curriculum I dropped one subject (computer science-i didn't find it interesting/challenging enough) In my third year most students here double major. I plan on Majoring in computational and applied maths and physics.

    At the moment I am scraping my subjects with mostly 50's and if I'm lucky a 60 here and there. now and then a 40 creeps in. My dream is to do computational physics. At my university a large portion of Honours level physics involved computational physics. They then removed this. If I want to do computational physics I would have to do a masters degree in computational physics.

    Now, as with most students we have no idea what lies in store for me later on. Most of my friends call me crazy for wanting to eventually do a masters, considering I am just an averagely smart guy, and not your run of the mill genius lol. So now since I am battling in only my second year, I am doubting whether I will be able to get past my Honours level physics in the future. I'm under the impression that you have to be a completely exceptional student cracking 70's and 80's to get anywhere high in the science field.

    I really want to stay in the Bsc field, and do not want to end up failing in 2 years time and not knowing what to do with my life. Am I cut out for the degree I'm in?

    I would appreciate a reply from someone knowledgable in university bsc courses.
    Thanks in advance.
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