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Headings to standard

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    Hi all,

    Would a heading of 330 degrees be equivalent to a standard angle measurement of 30 degrees? I'm used to calculating by subtracting the heading from 90, but the angle is too large for this problem. I know it seems to be a ridiculously simple question compared to others on this forum, but it's fairly difficult to find information about headings vs. standard on the internet.

    Thanks! :smile:
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    I'm unfamiliar with your use of 'standard angle' measurement. But as for how a heading is measured, this should answer that detail: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Course_(navigation [Broken])

    Does that help?
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    A "heading" of 0 or 360 degrees is due north. 330 degrees is 360- 330= 30 degrees "west of north".
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    Ah, okay. That is what I thought. Thank you!
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