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Headstart on college physics

  1. Dec 3, 2009 #1
    Can someone kindly suggest to me a general physics book that explains concepts thoroughly and provides exercises at an introductory (to intermediate) sort of level?

    More specifically, I would like to learn more about electromagnetism, light and radiation. And I would like to self-teach myself the necessary mathematics (any math textbook suggestion would be much appreciated).

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    David Dugdale, Essentials of Electromagnetism
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    Since you are asking about a book to give you a head start on college physics, I'm assuming you are still in high school or just about to start college. This means you'll probably be starting with physics I right? Unless you maybe have tested out of it. The topics you mentioned usually aren't covered until the second course in physics, which is usually taken the 3rd semester.

    What is your background or situation, as it is really just guesswork if we don't know this. For example, if you haven't even had calculus yet, then the Essentials of Electromagnetism text is at least 2 years down the line, probably 3.
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