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Health Physics Course

  1. Sep 30, 2015 #1
    Should i take a health physics course as a freshmen? There are no prerequisites.
    Course Content
    Atomic and nuclear structure, radioactivity, interaction of radiation with matter, radiation detection and measurement, radiation dosimetry, biological effects of ionizing radiation, radiation protection and non-ionizing radiation.
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    We need more information about you. What are your academic and career goals. What are your interests? Sounds interesting to me :smile:
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    I am majoring in physics. I want to be a mathematical physicist but i would consider being a medical physicist or a nuclear physicist. I really like mathematical concepts, don't like cosmology. And I am really interested in the atom and the particles. My week is quite empty this semester, I have newtonian mechanics, single variable calculus, general chemistry and physics lab. I want to double major in mathematics and next couple of years will be full so I want to take some courses earlier. I might work about cancer or renewable energy after I graduate.
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    You might want to talk to an academic advisor or the professor who teaches the course first to see what this course is actually geared towards. Normally such a course would require at least first year physics as a pre-requisite if it's targeted at physics majors. It's possible that the course is set up for people in specific professional programs such as radiation therapy or nuclear medicine technology or even nursing and as a physics major you would end up disappointed in the content.
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