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Healthy Diet

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    I'm looking to start a healthy diet. I know next to nothing about what that means.

    I'm gonna start studying up on nutrition. I want to structure my diet around what the most sound and up to date science says on the matter.

    I'd much appreciate the input of anyone with expertise in any relevant area. Any literature you might recommend, internet resources, etc.

    Thanks in advance!
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    How will you know, that what strangers tell you is reliable and doesn't put your health on risk?
    I strongly recommend to consult your usual physician. He probably will be able to help you and tell you, whom to consult.
    This matter is not as harmless as it might look like. I've heard of people who ruined their kidneys with a diet based on herb teas. In addition circulatory and blood markers might have to be watched. So again, ask your doc. Seriously!

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    I realize fresh_42 just locked this thread, but I'd like to caution you about self-study of nutrition. While I fully support someone looking into science and medicine for themselves, there is an immense amount of misinformation out there about diet and nutrition. So much that a google search on either of those terms turns up several questionable sites within the first two pages. The best thing you can do is to see your primary care manager (usually your normal doctor).

    The links between nutrition and health are extremely complex and, in general, modern science still has only a few broad rules that you can really trust. Treat with extreme skepticism anyone or anything that promises "quick-fixes" or that tries to paint you a picture of the average person lacking crucial nutrients. It's completely bogus. And if they're trying to sell you a product, you might as well assume they are either lying or that they have no idea what they're talking about. The only reason you should be buying supplements or other nutritional products is if your doctor has diagnosed you with a condition requiring it.
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