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Healthy Grilling Ideas?

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    I am sick of the burgers and dogs thing. Greasy food makes me feel useless. Any ideas? I am thinking of fish, shellfish, and veggy things. But I would like some simple recipes (or complex depending on how much you like typing) for inspiration. I am sure there are some good ones in the food thread, but its way to long for me to sort through.

    I saw some nice looking scallops at the market today. I might go back for some, any ideas on preparation or dressings or anything?

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    Green peppers, corn on the cob, scallops, shrimp, ribeye steaks.

    No prep. Just wash and onto the grill. For the steak, Mortons seasoning salt, apply dry and liberally.
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    Salmon, halibut, shrimp.

    How about chicken?
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    Cedar-plank salmon (grilled on the trusty ol' webster) with honey drizzled on top is something we do often. Portabella mushrooms grilled with a little truffle oil is good as well.
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    If you do scallops, don't put them where it's the hottest, and don't look away, they'll be needing a turn and be done in no time. It's a good idea to marinate delicate items like this that have no fat before you grill them.
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    My spouse and I cedar (or oak) plank both scallops and salmon.

    For the scallops, we use a lemon juice and honey mix for a quick (<10 minute) marinade, and for the salmon, we just sprinkle some brown sugar on top.. it melts in a and browns a bit... yum!

    You'll want to soak the boards and use lower heat -- and you'll want large high quality scallops. The fish is done when it flakes open with a fork, the scallops are harder to judge. The boards unfortunately can only be used once or twice... last summer my spouse was using them twice, but this summer he seems dead set on just crumbling them into the coals for the next time we do burgers (for which we buy higher quality ground chuck or sirloin (at least <10% fat... and even less fat if there's a sale on it).

    I think we got the recipes from a webster grill cookbook I bought him for father's day one year... we've modified them. There's also a good shrimp recipe for shrimp with some cumin powder. yum. I don't think we modify that one.
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    We grill a lot of squashes, zucchinis, portabellas, corn on the cob, eggplants and other veggies. Usually don't need a lot of time, even on low heat, season lightly with pepper, small amount of salt, I'll add some curry to mine, you can use whatever you like.

    There is always a baked potato (sweet, idahos) on the grill too, might take a bit more time.

    During the summer our grill gets used more then the stovetop or oven, even when cooking whole chickens, I'd rather use the grill then turn on the oven.

    Grilling fish needs either a grill basket, which you could also use for chopped veggies, or a plank. Fish tends to fall apart otherwise.

    Shish-kabobs are easy too, chopped mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions, whatever meat you want, season a bit and take little time to cook.
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    Portabello mushrooms with your favorite marinade.
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    What he said. What else can be said? :!!)

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