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Heart graphic

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    (and here goes my first post)
    I was "browsing" through some math books when i noticed on the cover of a book a...shady...and not very clear (because of the book's age) graphic...in the shape of a heart...and i was wondering how would a function who's graphic is a heart be "defined" like ^_^

    sorry for the bad english but i'm not used to talk about math in english...(actually i'm not in general...cuz' i'm quite new to it but that doesn't count :P )
    (in case i wasn't clear enough...how is the function expressed through f(x) = ...?)

    i don't know if this is the right place to post...but i'll take my chance
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    well...not that i'd be personally thinking of anything...=)...it's not my style to think

    fooor the graphic - yeah that is trully pretty close to what i've seen but even more closer to a heart...i mean, the part of the graphic in the...quadrants (that's how they're called in english ?) 2 and 3...i mean y -positive, x-negative and y,x- negative is not round...is a convex curve and a con...cave...(?) one ...just like a at a heart shape

    is it possible to actually create this with a function like
    f(x) = blah blah if x is inside (n1,n2)
    f(x) = blah blah 2 if x is inside (n3,n4)
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    eeeeexactly ^_^

    thanks a lot

    (this would be an interesting way for writing a love letter...with ecuations...)
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    Blahh, that's what i did once...lol.....and it worked!:cool:
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