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Heart pumping and body wieght

  1. Jul 20, 2009 #1
    When the heart pump and blood flow down the body , Does the body wieght increase,be the same or decrease? Why?
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    It is not possible for the heart to pump blood downwards without pumping an exactly equal amount upwards.
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    Ok. Let's pump blood upwards also
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    Well, since the momentum of the blood being pumped downwards is necessarily identical in magnitude to the momentum of the blood being pumped in the opposite direction, then net effect is zero and therefor your weight remains the same.
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    Does the body has momentum upwards?
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    Negitron just answered that question "no" (zero).
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    Equal and opposite reactions. Like birds flying in the back of a mach truck. It makes no difference, the weight remains constant.
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    EXACTLY what negitron said!!!
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    According to relativity, pressure,energy and mass all have a gravitational effect...So body weight would increase as the heart pumps but not enough for us to actually measure... In practice any such gain would be more than offset by the calories consumed pumping....
    Rapidly moving blood also has kinetic energy; not so easy a question to answer but I'm pretty sure the next effect is a loss in "weight".

    By analogy, compressing a spring means it has potential energy stored...hence it's weight increases just a tiny,tiny,bit...in that case the energy is clearly added to the system unlike the example with a heart burning calories(energy).

    Assuming the volume of blood does not change there is no net effect of blood being pumped up or down...this could be of interest since gravity at the head is less than at the feet.
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    Probably not the answer the OP was looking for...
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