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Heart surgeon

  1. Mar 22, 2016 #1
    i would like to be a heart surgeon but what classes should i take? I am in ninth grade and have a 96% average in all my classes but what would help me to get ahead in college?
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    What helps you get ahead is maintaining a good grade point average, taking advanced classes (AP or IB) if you can handle them, and getting a broad education (literature, music, history, government, etc.). Do well in math and natural sciences, of course. You will naturally be picking up knowledge about health, medicine, and the body, given your career goal, but these other things will help differentiate you from the crowd of pre-pre-meds. Writing and verbal communication skills are very important, even if you end up in computers or engineering. Finally, explore and develop one or two things you are passionate about, whatever they might be (sports, chess, glee club, volunteer work). Top colleges will be looking at the whole package that is you!
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    Thanks for the great info!
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