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Homework Help: Heat and Temp. homework help!

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    Hello, this is my first time visiting this forum and I hope someone can help me with my Physics homework. This is the problem:

    Your pet fish (Pythagoras) lives in a bowl that holds 4000 ml. of water. The temperature of the water must be at 30° C or Pythagoras will die. Unfortunately, you only have two sources of water. One source of water is at 90° C and the other source of water is at 10° C. Your goal will be to determine how much of each source of water must be added to the bowl so that it contains 4000 ml of 30° C water (so that Pythagoras will live).

    Thanks in advance for any help!!
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    Remember.... M1*C*T1 +

    M1 * C * T1 + M2 * C * T2 = (M1 + M2) * C * T3

    Cancelling out C....

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