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Heat capacity equation units

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    How we change the units of Heat capacity equation to British engineering system
    Cp=2. 657*10^4 +42. 37T - 1. 425*10^-2T^2
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    Hello Rizwan, :welcome:

    You don't mention any units in your expression. Can I guess it's for ice at 0 C and expressed in J per kmol per Kelvin ?

    I don't think the British units system managed to mess up the kmol too, so all you have to do is convert Joules to British dingdongs, so e.g.
    if 1 Joule is 0.000947817 BTU,
    and 1 K is 9/5 F (+ some constant) multiply by 0.000947817 and divide by 9/5. That's all.

    But if you want to mangle it further, you still have to divide by the molar weight to get ##\approx## 0.5 BTU/lbm/F

    PS why do I have to google that for you? You can find such conversions all over the place !
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    Yes units are J/kgmol/Δ K and T in °K and convert them to BTU/kgmol/ΔF and expressT In °F (degree F)
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    I know this might probably be too late, but you can always use dimensional analysis. Then constants would then begin to appear and you can distribute them afterwards.
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    Are you sure you don't mean lb-moles?
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    Oops sorry sir but it's lb moles I write in a hurry but still this conversion confuse Me How I might get this one.
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    1 Joule = ? BTU

    1 kg = ? lb

    1 kg-mole = ? lb-moles

    1 degree centigrade = ?? degrees F

    Fill in the ??s
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