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Heat Capacity iron heating water

  1. Jan 12, 2005 #1
    This is what I've got:

    Iron mass: 81.9g
    Initial iron temp.: 92'C
    Water volume: 100mL
    Initial water temp.: 25'C
    Final water temp.: 29'C

    What the the experimental heat capacity of iron?

    Thanks :)

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    Bjorn, do you know what equation is to be used for this kind of problem. It's very simple and will be in your textbook. Look it up.

    We can not do your homework for you. You have to make an attempt first.
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    How about this, does this seem correct?

    mm = 81.9g

    mw = 100mL

    Tim = 92°C

    Tf = 29°C

    Tiw = 25°C

    Tfw = 29°C

    cw = 4.19 J/g·°C (this is the number the school operates with)

    cm = ?

    81.9g(cm)(29°C - 92°C)+100g(4.19J/g·°C)(29°C - 25°C) = 0

    81.9g(cm)(-63°C)+100g(4.19J/g·°C)(4°C) = 0

    -5159.7g·°C(cm)+1676J = 0

    1676J = 5159.7g·°C(cm)

    Divide both sides by 5159.7g·°C:

    cm = 0.325J/g·°C

    Didn't take this from the text book, I guess I knew what to do, but I have always been an idiot with unkowns in math :rofl:
    Equations and me aren't exactly best friends.
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    This is perfectly good.

    Aren't you glad you did it by yourself, rather than have someone else do it for you ?
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